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Rachel Ryan Biography Photo Rachel Ryan Biography
Born: 8/22/1961
Aliases: Penney Morgan, Rachael Ryan, Penny La More, Penny LaMore, Penny Morgan, Penny Moore, Penny Lamoore, Ingrid Elliot, Serena

Birthplace: Shaker Heights, Ohio
Years Active: 1984-1998 (Started around 23 years old)
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Colors :Brown/Blond

Rachel Ryan (born Serena Robinson on August 22 1961 in Shaker Heights, Ohio) is an American porn actress who appeared in over 100 adult videos between 1985 and 1992. She had many pseudonyms, including Penny Morgan and Penny Moore.

After starting out in adult entertainment under the names Serena, Ingrid Elliot, and Penny Morgan, she eventually had plastic surgery on both her face and breasts and adopted the name Rachel Ryan. By 1991, she underwent breast reduction surgery due to health concerns.

She is regarded as one of porn's first "anal queens". Many of her scenes involved anal sex, and due to her willingness and skill in this, she earned the nickname "Rubber-rectum Ryan" (among others) within the adult film community.

She reportedly had a rivalry with porn actress Patti Petite.

In 1988, Ryan had a small role in Clean and Sober, starring Michael Keaton; she and Keaton had a widely-reported affair in the early 90s. On April 27 1992, she married comic actor Richard Mulligan, but this union only lasted two years
Serina Richardson, the ex-wife of actor Richard Mulligan, is better known as porn performer Rachel Ryan.

Serina had a messy divorce from Richard. His attorneys had a subpoena served on Hollywood Video to collect "all videos of Serina [Mulligan, aka Rachel Ryan, Penney Morgan and Ingrid Elliott]; and all documents relating to all written communications between Hollywood Video Productions and Serina..."

In March 1992 Rachel Ryan made headlines in the National Enquirer with a picture of herself featuring a black eye that she claimed was inflicted by Mulligan. She said in an Inquirer interview that she had "married a neurotic, crazy monster" who "beat me in front of my daughter." She also claimed that Mulligan had a "weird" relationship with his maid...

AVN (9/93 p.51) writes: "With this subpoena [of Hollywood Video], Mulligan is going for the jugular, realizing that courts often don't look at porn stars (or even ex-porn stars) as the equal of regular humans."

Rachel Ryan, born 8/22/61, badmouthed the porn industry on a talk show in Philadelphia in 1990 but kept on performing anyway.

In the National Enquirer, Serena accused Richard of beating her but she recanted her charges in court.

Before her marriage to Richard, Serina had affairs with actors Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

Romance with porn stars became the stuff of much gossip during the 1990s. Charlie Sheen dated Ginger Lynn, Pauly Shore and various rock stars "dated" Savannah, and artist Jeff Koons married and then divorced Illona Cicciolina Staller.

The Classic Porn Bio:
Rachel Ryan is a thick-set and busty performer whose high-octane sexuality kept her at the center of the erotic world throughout the late 80's and early 90's. Rachel Ryan's gone through a wide range of names and looks during her career. Born Rachel Ryan, she started out in hardcore using her real name, then underwent name changes to Ingrid Elliot and Rachel Ryan. After extensive plastic surgery on her face and breasts, she re-emerged as the voluptuous sex bomb called Rachel Ryan.

Whatever she calls herself, Rachel Ryan's intense, almost brooding sensuality remains constant. Her hair color can change from raven-black to platinum blonde, but Rachel Ryan's sex scenes always live up to her rambunctious reputation. Rachel Ryan is one of the few adult actresses to give up on her inflated boobs, returning them to their natural state in 1991 due to health concerns. She's received some mainstream exposure due to her dalliances with Hollywood stars, including a brief affair with Michael Keaton. On April 27, 1992, she married comic actor Richard Mulligan , but their marriage dissolved within two years.

An always hard-working and tireless performer, Rachel Ryan's penchant for back door boffing established her as one of the first true anal queens of porn. Some of her best work can be found in flicks like 'Caught From Behind 6' and 'A Taste Of Rachel,' both of which show her at her explosive best. Rachel Ryan retired from the scene as of her 1992 marriage, leaving behind well over 150 stirring performances.

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